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The path for women's rights is through human rights, and the most direct path for human rights is through women's rights. Men and women fighting for human rights should focus, collectively, on women's rights. They are easier to define and understand, easier to adopt universally, and arrive at exactly the same place for human rights.


It surprises men, like myself, to discover that their fathers, good and loving men, never really spoke to a woman about who she is, what she thinks of herself and him, and how she feels about life inside herself. They talked in code.


For the vast majority of men, women are like the forest and trees analogy. They are overwhelmed by their power and greatness, lost among them, and can't really see them individually. For some attempting to burn down the forest is their attempt to see.


Overview of projects


  • Nolet Notes
  • Journalist ratings


  • Vote Topics
  • Proxy voting


Communication tools for citizens to express their feelings to others about people in positions of public trust and responsibility. * Live phone calls * Recorded phone calls * SMS


Citizens working together to identify and immunize society from people who breach the human rights of others

  • Psychopaths
  • Sociopaths
  • Predators
  • Criminals
  • Suspects
  • Mannequins (dolls)
  • Misfires (duds, fizzles)


  • Obituaries we would like to see


Citizens working together to defend against individuals who take pleasure from hurting others.

  • Bullies
  • Self-righteous
  • Supremacists
  • Patriarchy


  • Political ratings
  • Global standardized rights, criminal law, shared and managed resources


  • Shipboard cafe
  • Humanize all
  • Unity
  • Everything we have in common
  • Shared destiny
  • Communication
  • No wars, less violence
  • More health, well-being, medical

Humans 1

  • Older generation devours resources and transfers wealth to the few
  • Younger generation disadvantaged with all the waste, debt
  • Criminal ruling class
  • Wars
  • Defeated majority

Humans 2

  • Humans 2.0 -- humans repaired and enhanced -- long life
  • Cyborgs -- hardware upgrades

Humans 3

  • Humans engineered
  • Life engineered
  • Lifeboat Earth modified and controlled
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